Ok, Mama’s! If you’ve ever wished for vacation fairies with a magic wand, I found them!🧚‍♂️ Absolute vacation game changer in Panama City. We all know how stressful and hectic the first day can be with getting to the condo, unloading the truck, buying groceries and goods (for teenage boys), hauling it all up to the condo, unpacking, sorting, etc. Such a pain and basically wastes the first day of vacation (for us)! 😂

I can not say enough good things about CondoCierge services. I have never been more relaxed, more stress free and into instant vacation mode than our arrival yesterday. Top notch, professional, courteous, organized, attentive to details – Claire and the team are absolutely amazing!

I had seen their services advertised and wanted to give them a try and they did NOT disappoint! It was a magical experience, like Christmas morning! I think this is the part of the trip I was most excited for this year!

We booked a couple of months in advance, the spots fill up quickly. I sent our grocery list early last weekend and they called Tuesday to go over the details. On our way down yesterday, I received the pictures below from Claire. Imagine my joy to know it was all in the condo and waiting for us! 💕

Try them! You won’t be disappointed!