Frequently Asked Questions

Is the $59.00 fee per service

The $59.00 fee is a one-time service fee that is charged at initial order you can do one service or two services and it is still the 59.00.  If at any time during your visit here to Panama City Beach you decide to add a service there is no additional 59.00 fee.


How does the grocery service work?

This is a great service for anyone visiting Panama City Beach and 30A.  Before you arrive go to our website and put your grocery order in once you have finished your order and put your information in someone from our office will call you to go over your order to make sure we get the rights sizes and brands and have all the information that we need to complete your order.  Then we go to work!  On the day of your arrival your groceries are delivered to your condo, put away, all the garbage is hauled off, we tag the cabinets with post-its so you know exactly where to find your groceries and we also take pictures to text to you so you have the peace of mind that your groceries are delivered.  Once you walk into your new home for the week there is no setting up its right to the fridge for that yummy sandwich or cold beverage and then off to the beach!


How is the rental gear delivered?

Just like your groceries, it is delivered pre-arrival and if you would like us to set the crib or highchair up in a certain place (parents room, additional room) we are happy to do that for you.  Just like groceries once they are in your home for the week we text you a picture so you know they have arrived.  At the end of your stay, we try to arrive right before you leave to pick up that way it is out of your way.


What if I am renting a stroller and having CondoCierge pick me up from the airport and using the luggage transport can I have the stroller in the car when they pick me up?

Absolutely, you can do the same on the departure also!  We want you to enjoy every minute of your vacation!


What makes your service better than Instacart?

Unlike Instacart we deliver to your condo before you arrive in town and handle the additional services as listed above.  We are a Vacation Convenience Company so our goal is to take a good part of the hassles away not give you something to worry about,  like who is going to be in the condo when the groceries arrive.  With us, it’s there and done so when you arrive after a long day of traveling your biggest problem should be who’s making the drinks and sandwiches for the beach.  P.S. we deliver liquor also.


Do I have to use one of your lodging partners to get this service?

Our lodging partners are awesome and we do highly recommend them but you do not have to use one of them.  Once you put your order in we call your management company and can get a one time code to get in the door to deliver your groceries and rentals.