Let me start off by saying I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS, seriously, never, but this experience was so outstanding I had to share! My boyfriend and I went to PCB for a week to celebrate our birthdays. We stayed at Long Beach resort condos. Trip was amazing, the only stress was our departure flight, we had to check out of the condo by 10AM and our flight didn’t leave until 7PM. We really didn’t have a plan for our departure day, so we decided let’s just enjoy our vacation, and we would figure it out once that time comes. Unfortunately, that time came, and it came way too quickly lol. So my boyfriend being the perfect gentlemen he is, says he would just haul our luggage while we hung out at Pier Park, sweet right? But come on, there’s got to be a better way? So I searched the website to Kim Condos and there it was CondoCierge! A service that has airport transportation, stores your luggage, has grocery delivery and more. Wow! Took a chance and called last minute, spoke with Trish and David, and boom just like that last day of vacation was back on. Truely another whole day we could enjoy PBC with no effort on our part. Trish and David are amazing, they are the nicest, friendliest, and most professional people I’ve ever met. This experience saved the day and made our vacation even more special. If you plan on going to Panama City Beach don’t miss out on this service. I can’t say enough great things about CondoCierge, literally best experience ever!
Kandace & Brian