We flew in for the first time instead of driving. CondoCierge made everything so convenient. Groceries were delivered and put away before we arrived. We had cold pop and water as soon as we walked in the door. Trish was great and got us exactly what we needed. She called and went over everything on our list to make sure she knew the sizes and brands. No judgment on the amount of chocolate and caffeine 🙂

And to get off a flight knowing you have a car waiting for you is amazing. David pulled up, got out, and loaded our luggage. He had a conversation with our 3-year-old grandson about airplanes and told us all the things that were new since our last trip to PCB. He was even smiling on our ride back to the airport at too early 0’clock for our flight home. He got out in the pouring rain and put our luggage in the vehicle for us. They drove to the airport four times for us the week we stayed, every time they were cheerful, knowledgeable, and kind.

If you haven’t used their service try them. Seriously, they are amazing!