Cooler Rental



Bring your cold drinks to the beach with ease with our cooler rentals that are 38-quarts! Our coolers can hold up to 53 12 oz cans ensuring that everyone can have their favorite drinks while lounging on the beach. Reserve your cooler rental today!

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Secure your rental today to keep your food and drinks chilled on your beach vacation! Our coolers can easily fit a bag of ice along with your favorite beverages and snacks. The tow handle and wheels make taking it to and from the beach easier even when it is filled to the brim.

How Rentals Works

You will be asked all pertinent information regarding your stay at check-out. Once we receive your order, our team will reach out to confirm that we have the correct dates. We will also set up a call to get a credit card to keep on file for incidentals. Please note that normal wear and tear is okay. This is just in case the items are returned unusable.

We will then call your property manager and schedule a time to deliver your items on your check-in date before you arrive. That way you will have all the equipment needed as soon as you arrive!

Our team will then message you a day before your departure to schedule when we can retrieve the items after your departure.


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