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There is no need to pay an exorbitant amount for beach lounger rentals for your vacation in Panama City Beach and 30A. We are excited to offer our 16-inch high, oversized folding loungers at an affordable weekly price so you can spend the money you save on your vacation. Reserve your beach lounger rental today to sit back and enjoy The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

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These loungers fold up making it a perfect beach accessory! Carry it to the beach or rent one of our collapsable beach wagons to transport it to and from the beach with ease! These comfortable loungers sit about 16 inches high making an easy transition from lounging to standing - especially on the sandy beaches. The loungers are equipped with three different levels of adjustments (sit up, reclined, or lay flat) so you can sunbathe however you prefer. Our loungers also include a storage bag that is attached to the side making it the perfect accessory to store phones while lounging at the beach.

These sturdy loungers are 28 inches wide and have a thickened metal frame allowing a recommended max weight of 350 pounds.

We offer our beach gear rentals to all of Panama City Beach and 30A guests. Reserve yours today!

Please note: CondoCierge does not set up the loungers daily. Prices are based on 1-7 day stays. The price will be doubled if you stay 8-14 days.

How Rentals Works

You will be asked all pertinent information regarding your stay at check-out. Once we receive your order, our team will reach out to confirm that we have the correct dates. We will also set up a call to get a credit card to keep on file for incidentals. Please note that normal wear and tear is okay. This is just in case the items are returned unusable.

We will then call your property manager and schedule a time to deliver your items on your check-in date before you arrive. That way you will have all the equipment needed as soon as you arrive!

Our team will then message you a day before your departure to schedule when we can retrieve the items after your departure.


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